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Key West

Key West Florida

What do you know about the Florida Keys?

Key West (and most of the Keys) are on the dividing line between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. These two bodies have different currents. The Straits of Florida delineates the area where the two bodies of water merge between Key West and Cuba.

The island of Key West is divided into New Town, Old Town, The Meadows, Casa Marina and Midtown, with the Golf Course on Stock Island and Key Haven.

Big Coppit Key, Rockland Key, Gieger Key, Cudjoe, Sugarloaf, Ram Rod, and Big Pine Key stretch up the keys. For some, these locations are a nice alternative to the more active Key West, but are still close to all the arts, culture, and entertainment Key West provides.

The average annual temperature of 77 degrees rarely varies more than 10 degrees in either direction, with a record low of 41 degrees and a record high of 97 degrees. Key West has never seen frost or snow. Perennially sunny, the keys average only 39 inches of rain per year.